My First Jeep Wave…

I finally walked out with the keys to Liberty Belle (who didn’t have a name just yet) on December 29, 2015 around 8pm. I had no idea how much my life was about to change. If you haven’t realized it yet, a Jeep is not just a vehicle. It’s a lifestyle. It’s open air, sunshine, dirt and adventure. Having no idea I was actually going to walk away with my Jeep, I called my best friend to tell her the news (hi Caitlin!!). 
“Guess what?! I just bought a Jeep!”

“What? No way! I have off tomorrow, you should drive it up here so I can see it!”

“Umm….. okay!”

So, after stopping at a gas station and struggling to get my freedom tip off for the first time, I drove the two hours home just to share my excitement! Once I got there, I made her hop in so we could take it for a spin. 

As we’re driving down some back roads to the beach, we see a super hott guy driving a TJ (not like I had any idea what a TJ was at that time). We do our typical girl thing, trying to pull up next to him and grab his attention. Finally, we have to turn left, and, as we get into the turn lane, Mr. Hottie Tottie waves out his window. 

“OMG! He just waved at us!” Caitlin said. 

“What? No way!!! Should we keep straight?”

But as it was getting late, we turn around and head home. Hours later, I’m sitting on Caitlin’s couch, posting pictures of my Jeep on facebook, reading through my owner’s manual, and trying to find some cool jeep #hashtags. Then, my cousin and fellow JeepHer comments “Learn your Jeep wave now!” 

“So Caitlin. That hot guy WASN’T waving at us because he thought we were cute.”


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